Vietnamese movies must have adult and violent content warnings shown when they are screened.

The circular states that the movies are classified from poor to high based on the categorization criteria: Category P: Movies may be screened for audiences of all ages; Category T13 (13+): films are released to audiences who are 13 years of age and older; Category K: films are provided to viewers under the age of 13 on the condition that they be seen with a parent or guardian; Category T16 (16+): Movies are shown to audiences 16 years of age and older; Category T18 (18+): Films are screened for audiences that are at least 18 years old; Categorization C: The movie cannot be distributed.

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Among the standards for classifying films are those pertaining to theme and substance. standards for narcotics, stimulants, and addictive substances; standards for violence; standards for nudity and sex; Horror standard; standards for foul language Hazardous conduct standards that are simple to copy.

The idea behind film categorization is to shield young audiences and others from objectionable or potentially harmful content.

The circular also mandates that, with the exception of P-rated films, all films must be screened at the appropriate rating throughout distribution.

For a long enough amount of time to allow the viewer to comprehend the information, the movie rating display must provide information regarding the rating and any warning content.

According to the circular, when a movie is being distributed, the rating must appear in the top left or right corner of the screen, making sure it doesn’t overlap with other symbols or the service’s logo.

Regarding films that are widely viewed in theaters, at the main locations of international embassies and cultural institutions in Vietnam, and through public and other audiovisual media: Before releasing the movie, issue vocal or written warnings; the warning should be shown just beneath the emblem representing the movie’s rating.

Regarding films that are aired on television and shared online: The warning display is located just below the movie rating icon and can be displayed up to three times throughout the movie dissemination process for films that are 20 minutes or longer. It must display warning contents in writing or words within three seconds at the latest after the movie’s dissemination begins.