Benefits of Stretch Film & Wrap

Stretch film and stretch wrap have advantages in almost every industry and field. Stretch film is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to secure and safeguard goods during transit, whether it is applied by hand or by a machine. Still, this is only the start.

Owing to its multipurpose nature, this affordable plastic offers several applications. Let’s examine some of the best methods for extending the advantages of stretch film to unprecedented levels.

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Stretch Film Offers Protection in Multiple Dimensions

Protection during transportation and storage is without a doubt one of the main advantages of stretch film. You may make your loads far more solid and dependable by wrapping them with stretch film. This lessens the possibility that your load may shift while being shipped or moved about the warehouse.

Stretch wrap coverings also preserve items by keeping them dry and hygienic, even when kept outside. Stretch wrap film is the best defense against moisture, dust, filth, and other environmental factors because of its capacity to shield items.

Its range of advantages makes it one of the most popular all-purpose packaging options. Furthermore, stretch films provide protection against more than simply moisture, grime, and dust.

UVI Stretch Films Offer UV Ray Protection

It is crucial to recognize that the sun’s heat and UV rays might deteriorate a pallet full of goods if you want to store them outside. On the other hand, AAA Polymer provides specifically blended UVI stretch films made to block out the sun’s harmful rays while maintaining the integrity of your cargo.

Avoid Heat Damage by Using Transparent White Stretch Film

The best course of action for heat-sensitive items could be to wrap them in white stretch wrap. This is a result of the opaque or white stretch film’s resistance to heat. Pallets of items that are susceptible to heat are frequently secured using our white stretch wrap.

Stretch film can increase worker efficiency and productivity

Pallet loads wrapped with stretch film will improve the packaging’s protection. In addition, you make it simpler and more effective for your staff to manage.

Angle boards may help you use every square inch of your warehouse floor while adding versatility and maneuverability to strapped loads. Additionally, you may quickly and simply arrange loads according to kinds or other criteria, which can increase worker efficiency.

One advantage of stretch wrap film is better inventory control.

Stretch-wrapped items are an affordable way to achieve better inventory control. Organizing related goods together makes inventory management easier and improves product identification. This reduces the possibility of product separation while improving the efficiency and speed of inventory counts.

Cast stretch film’s crystal clarity makes it easy to scan right through if you utilize a scanner in your warehouse. Simultaneously, color-coding your stretch wraps and films might help you further streamline organization in your warehouse.

You may save time and money by creating product categories and group identification more quickly with the use of opaque and colored stretch wrap films.

Apply Color Coding to Enhance Your Company’s Image

Pallets and brands may be distinguished by using colored stretch wrap material to wrap your items and pallets. To achieve a consistent look, pick a color that is connected to your brand and utilize it throughout all of your palletized items.

Customers will start to anticipate pallets in your particular hue when your goods is distributed, allowing them to connect it with your brand. This implies that people are more likely to connect your brand with a blue pallet if they see one in the warehouse.

Use opaque stretch wrap and stretch film to increase security

Use colored films to strengthen security and privacy in addition to using stretch film and stretch wrap to increase organization. Just choose a roll of stretch film with a darker tint to better secure the contents and hide them. Because the darkest color stretch films are opaque, it may be almost hard for onlookers to see what’s within.

It Is Possible To Apply Hand Stretch Film Manually

Contrary to popular belief, stretch film may be applied by hand without the need for machinery. Hand stretch film, sometimes known as hand stretch wrap, is intended to be applied by hand, as its name implies.

It comes on a handy roll to make application simple and has the same elastic nature. In applications with smaller capacities, hand stretch film is frequently utilized.