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has been established upwards of 26 12 months’s, having been commenced by the late Mr. Joseph Wilkie alone in 1850, within the premises which have been occupied up to the current time, and had been then very restricted in measurement. His enterprise PM Civil Pty Ltd prospered significantly, in order that his name grew to become a family word throughout the Australian colonies . On Tuesday final, an old man named Thomas Girle, died at his residence, in Torrington-street,

was postponed to Monday night next. FOR THE FIRST TIME, (By particular Desire of many respectable Families) THIS EVENING’S AMUSEMENT, WILL BE CONDUCTED AS A POPULAR Vocal and Instrumental Divertissement,

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He proposes to have live shows thrice per week. He possesses, what only a few can boast of, – a superb toned piano-forte, by which, with the help of Mrs. Gill and Miss Davis, he hopes to offer forth such sounds as will both charm and please his hearers. – Criterion Hall, Collins-street, Melbourne, will open on Wednesday, August 8th, 1855, with a Grand Day Performance at Three o’clock. Mr. Bennett Clay’s Optical Diorama, “The City of the Sultan; or, the Red, White, and Blue,”

referred to as the “Currency Lass”, was produced with considerable success at the Victoria Theatre, and was repeated the next night time. The dialogue is really Colonial – somewhat too much so for our taste – though the “Cabbage-tree hats” that crowded the pit and galleries on its first evening of illustration testified their approbation of its deserves, in their estimation, by clamorous applause . First Night of an authentic Musical Piece, known as

and for his or her different live performance appearances. These included his march Rifle Volunteers, and his overture The exiled. As well as the overture, Gassner additionally launched a coro e cavatina from The exiled in Auckland in 1864, and marketing campaign quadrilles Lanka and Katoogastotto. – July 26, 1903, at his late residence, Pennant-street, Parramatta, James Joseph Garland, aged 59 years. He next argued the propriety of cultivating sacred music on the bottom of its being accompanied by the least expense,

corroborating her father’s evidence so far as regarded the time she was with him; subsequent day he had a cut face, and no money. We regret to state that the spouse of considered one of our oldest musicians, Mr. John Gabb, was stricken with paralysis on Saturday evening . John Friend, John Gabb; William McCann. Phillip O’Neil, Alexander Webster, John Peters, Thomas Robinson,

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Why did he not give Mr. Gaggin in cost that night time or next day if he then believed him to be one of the robbers; however no he by no means made the cost until Mr. Gaggin came ahead as a witness for Mr. Hogue. He should show to them that Campbell’s statements have to be false as regarded Mr. Gaggin, and the jury must conclude that they have been false as regarded the others.

While advocating the singing of the praises of God by the congregation he would, nonetheless, distinguish between educated singing and the loud, noisy singing, accompanied by contortions of the physique, staring of the eyes, &c, heard in many churches. Such singing should ascend to heaven – if it reached to heaven at all – like music made sweet – no more candy – by distance; such music could not be called sweet. – The difference between loud, noisy singing, and trained music, was as the distinction between the song of 1 half maddened by pleasure,

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At the conclusion, Madame Garcia got here forward, and former to her exhibition as a danseuse, addressed the viewers, in deprecation of any judgment the basic public may need shaped from her performances on Saturday evening. After thanking the Press for not criticising her performances on Saturday, she knowledgeable the viewers her engagement solely commenced that night,

The conservatorium’s Performance and Outreach Manager Keva Abotomey mentioned they had been excited to be presenting a fantastic variety of vacation programs, and to have such an enthusiastic response from the community. One imported ballad, elsewhere in the local press attributed simply to “Glover”, The Australian emigrant appeared anonymously, in a pirate edition, as the primary variety of Henry Marsh’s 1855 weekly serial The Australian musical cadeau.

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and strict confidence on the a half of the boys in their chief, and on the a part of that leader a sound judgement and inventive appreciation of the topic in hand. All this must have been obvious, to the outside public; but only to those who are acquainted with Signor Gassner in private life can be known his broad expertise of music, both in its method and in its literature. So many opportunities have we had of listening to them that, we now have come to consider the Band of the fiftieth Regiment virtually an institution in Edinburgh.